Daniel Smith Artist Materials-Seattle, WA

MON 7/18/2016 11-12:30
How to Draw Hands

SUN 7/24/2016 1:30 - 3:00
Watercolor FX on Golden Acrylic Grounds

SUN 7/21/2016 1:30-3:00
Textured Painting with Golden Acrylic Media

SAT 4/30/16 2pm-3:30pm
Fredrix Stretched Canvas kits. These things are amazing! A fantastic and easy way to stretch big BIG BIG canvases as well as store them rolled up shipping or storage. I'll demo how easy it is!!

SAT 5/7/16 2pm-3:30pm
Portrait Drawing Demo-To give you a bit of a taste of my portrait workshop, I will be making a portrait going through some of my strategies...out loud!

SAT 6/4/16 2pm-3:30pm
Drawing People Demo-a nice primer on basic proportions and some bones to remember to make your people look lifelike!

SAT 6/18/16 2pm-3:30pm
Bird Drawing Demo-give your birds some life with some simple tips and tricks