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  • RAW ARTS Mixology

    RAW ARTS Mixology

    Support the arts and me by purchasing a ticket to this awesome event in downtown Seattle at the Trinity Night Club. It is terrific opportunity for soe exposure and potential sales and commissions. There will be tons of artists and designers there.

  • Coffee Break for the Working Man

    This is Julia serving up an appropriately sized cup of java to Jonathon Borofsky's "Hammering Man" in front of the Seattle Art Museum.

    Doesn't the iconic Jonathon Borofsky "Hammering man", ever get a break?
    His constant toil moved me to create a grande americano (3 shots please!) in my 3d fundamentals class at the University of Washington, with amazing visiting professor, Sean Brixey.
    The cup is made entirely with cardboard using crazy math, and it is complete with a unique "logo" with a strong girl on it! The lid is removable, and it is biodegradable.

  • Addiction and Art

    The book is out, and is it gorgeous!
    This publications features art work by people affected by addiction in their lives, be it their own, or that a loved one.
    Johns Hopkins Medical School has been putting on a juried art show for a few years now in conjunction with the Innovators awards in Washington DC. The work in this book is a select collection of art and artist statements about the work.

  • BookForum

    Bookforum April or May 2010
    Ad for Art and Addition book, features my work!


  • New Website!

    Just launching this new website. Comments welcome!